Egmont Polska decided to enter the board game market in 2007. Making use of our long term experience related to books, magazines and comics for children and youth, an area in which we are a decisive leader, we also want to achieve success in the market of family board games.

We can assure strong marketing support (advertisements in Egmont magazines, shows, competitions, television advertisements) for the games we publish, as well as an extensive sales network (hypermarkets, bookstore and multimedia chains, hobby shops, Internet sales).

Our goal is to publish the modern board games, supplying entertainment for the entire family. For this aim we have initiated cooperation with the best designers (Bruno Cathala, Bruno Faidutti, Roberto Fraga, Reiner Knizia, Wolfgang Kramer) and publishers (Huch&friends, Mindtwister, MJGames, ThinkFun, Winning Moves, Zoch) which has led to the release of Polish versions of board games.








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